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Common RV Mistakes to Avoid 

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If you’ve just bought your first RV and you are new to this thing, there are a couple of common mistakes that you have to avoid as much as possible.  

Some of these mistakes can cause a lot of hassles and headaches. In addition to that, it might require expensive RV repair Spokane services. That’s why you have to avoid them. Here are common RV mistakes to avoid if you are a new owner of an RV: 

Not Documenting Your Travels 

It is really fun to drive around using your RV. Seeing various parts of the world in your home on wheels isn’t something that every person gets to enjoy in his or her life. It can be beneficial to yourself and others if you always document your travels.  

You might opt to remember your travels through a written journal or taking photographs.  

Leaving the Black Tank Open 

Always keep close the black tank of your RV. If you keep it open, you’re enabling solids to accumulate inside the tank. This produces a poop pyramid. Using a lot of water when flushing and keeping it closed can avoid this nasty problem. 

Leaving the Ceiling Vent Open 

Always keep in mind to close your ceiling vent. This is particularly true if it does not have a rain sensor. You might end up with a wet mess whenever it starts raining and your ceiling vent is open. 

Failing to Plan Early On 

When driving your RV around, there are a lot of things you should plan. First, you’ve got to call ahead to reserve an RV spot. This will help prevent the stress of finding a spot if you arrive at the last minute. Also, it will enable you to know how much food you’ve got to carry if you check a map to see if there’s a shop near your destination. Keep in mind that in several parts of the country, grocery stores are few and they’re far from each other. Thus, it’s vital to plan your gas stops.  

Crushing the Chocks 

Before you roll away, it’s ideal to always examine if you have removed every cocks. If you don’t do this, you will end up with crushed chocks.  

Leaving The Awning Out 

Whenever you leave your RV, you should not leave your awning out. You will never predict if rain could pop up with strong winds that can rip off your awning.  


Keep in mind that you don’t need a lot of things whenever you’re driving with your RV. In most RVs, weight is crucial. The more items you carry inside, the more cluttered it will feel. It will also have a bad impact on your gas mileage.  

Not Knowing the Size 

It is vital that you understand the size of your RV. Understanding the height keeps you from trying parking garages, awnings, or bridges that are too low. You’ve got to understand your length to understand what size site your RV will fit into. Thus, you should always know the size of your RV before you travel.  

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