5 Least Noticeable Roof Damage Indicators 

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Indicators of roof damage like wet spots and leaks are usually pretty obvious and simple to detect. However, do you know about the roof damage signs that are not that obvious? Most of these are usually more subtle and may need the expert’s help to spot. But you can actually choose to observe a few of these signs when you know what to look for and where you can spot them. Below are some of the least noticeable indicators of roof damage: 

Nails at the edge of your house 

This is one of the unusual indicators that you have roof damage. Try to imagine what happens when nails come out of your roof and wind up being displaced. Such nails need to go somewhere. Consequently, they will most likely roll off your roof and wind up either along the sides of your house or in the gutters.  

Buckling shingles 

It’s very simple to determine whether a roof has missing shingles. However, buckling shingles can be harder to determine. While they are usually simpler to detect compared to other damage types on this list, perhaps you may simply notice them when you check up on your roof in person. Consequently, indicators of roof damage are usually neglected. To prevent this danger, don’t forget to check your roofing Saint John every once a year. It would be much better when you can hire a professional roofer and ask for their honest opinions. 

Black spots on the roof 

A lot of property owners tend to neglect roof damage indicators, such as black spots. Though it may appear to be a common problem, black spots can actually be a hazardous issue that needs to be attended to by an expert roof repair as soon as possible. Ignoring or neglecting black spots on your roof can only make this issue to get even worse, such as causing larger leaks and expanding mold.  

Whistling sounds in your house 

Are there weird whistling sounds or airflow in your house? If yes, there’s a possibility that these are indicators of roof damage. Roof damages that are small but lasting may make an airflow that’s different to detect without checking your home carefully. This fact is particularly true when your house is entirely sealed and yet still has an unusual air flow sound.  

Animals that run all over your roofing 

In terms of signs that point to roof damage, the animals that reach your roofing may appear to be the most interceptive. But it’s an actual issue that requires to be attended to right away. Usually, wild animals find broken parts on your roof that are easy to hide in. If your roof already has many wild animals that rustle all over it, that could mean that these animals have probably found a wide-open area where they get in and out.  

By now, it must be apparent that detecting roof damage is not always easy since some of them cannot be seen with the naked eye. Because of that, it would still be better if you choose to hire an expert roofer to have your roof professionally checked. 


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